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8 Ways to Make Your Cubicle Less Boring

Ways to Make Your Cubicle Less Awful

When you work in someone else’s office building, there is, naturally, a limit to what you can do. You can’t paint the walls a cheery bright aqua, drag your desk over to the window, or switch out the florescent lights for cozy desk lamps, unfortunately. But if you are lucky to have your own desk area, especially if it has a couple of (half) walls, there are things you can do to make the space less cookie-cutter.

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TWiP: Form and Function

This Week in Pictures, Week 23, 2018

I’ve made changes to the site, and I’m pretty excited about them. These changes are both functional and aesthetic, and I hope that you’ll let me know if you find anything amiss! Oh, and naturally there are pictures. Because despite the nerdy way in which I spent much of my free time, there were still pretty things to share.

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TWiP: Birthday and Peony Season

This week in Pictures, Week 21, 2018

My birthday was rainy and yucky this year, but that’s ok, because the rain brought the peonies. Oh, I just love these big poofy explosions of pink! I have a hard time photographing anything else while they’re in bloom. As you will no doubt notice in this week’s TWiP (and probably next week’s if I’m being honest…)

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TWiP: Food, Drink, and the Atlantic Ocean

This Week in Pictures, Week 20, 2018

We spent the first few days of this week in Ocean City. It was lovely and too short. As usual. Someday I want to go for a whole week. That would be amazing. Also (and this has nothing to do with the images) would you like to help me come up with songs for a new playlist? Read on for details.

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Music, music, everywhere!

Polka Dot Radio: 90's Mix Tape

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around with my music collection lately, and the result is three new playlists! One with new music for spring, another volume of Coffee and Keyboard for those times you need some wordless music for working, and a collection of music from the 1990’s – it’s a diverse group, so hopefully you will find something fun to listen to!

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