Knitting Loom Tool

Loom Knitting Tool at Polka Dot Cottage

I’m sorry. I have none of these in stock, and Custom Ordering is currently closed.

6 thoughts on “Knitting Loom Tool

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  2. I would love to have one. I think there great! Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I am interested in a custom loom tool. please contact me with the way to order this and the pricing. thank you

  4. I would love a new loom tool, I live in a rural area in Canada and even the craft stores in the City don’t have any! Let me know if your still doing this.
    Thanks so much, I am using a bent paper clip at the moment!:(

    • Oh, a bent paperclip does not sound like fun at all!

      I am not making any new tools at the moment. I generally only do it a few times a year. The best way to find out when I am working on this type of thing again is to subscribe to my “Handmade News” newsletter. It only comes out once a month (and that’s only if there’s news to tell – otherwise, it’s even less frequent than that). Scroll down to Monthly Newsletters here:

      Thanks for your interest in my custom-made tools! (And in the meantime, this one has got to be better than a paper clip!)

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