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Crochet Hooks by Lisa Clarke, Polka Dot Cottage

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These crochet hooks are metal, available in several brands and sizes, and the handles are made by me from durable polymer clay, in one of my signature millefiori designs.

The color and finish on the handles is inherent in the clay. No paints or sealers are used, so there is no possibility of chipping. Each handle is baked right on to its hook and cannot slip off. After baking, the handles are wet-sanded through several grits of sandpaper, and then buffed to a nice shine. They are exceedingly smooth, and pleasant to hold.

Do you experience pain in your hands when you crochet? I am told that these special handles are quite comfortable to hold, and help to stave off joint pain.

Handles may be made completely round, or with a depressed grip for your thumb. And, so you never have to wonder if you have the right size hook, the letter size is embedded in the end of the handle.

Do you have special preferences when it comes to your crochet hook handles? I will be happy to work with you to create a tool tailored to your needs, that will be both as comfortable and as beautiful as possible.

Price: $18 each

  • Buy 3 or more, get $2 off each hook. Use voucher code: 3HOOKS
  • Buy 6 or more, get $3 off each hook. Use voucher code: 6HOOKS

A note regarding manufactured hook color: I have no control over the colors of the aluminum hooks, or the quality of their factory paint jobs. Sometimes there are spots where the underlying silver shows through. This is especially true of the Susan Bates hooks. It's just the way they came in the package!

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I'm sorry. I'm not currently accepting custom orders.


These hooks are all made and ready to go. If you're new to crochet and not sure what size hook will be most versatile to start with, try a G. It's a great size to use with worsted weight yarn, and handy for the traditional granny square.

If a hook is marked "vintage" it means that the metal hook was previously used and may have some cosmetic imperfections (scratches, color wearing off, etc.) (While the metal hook part may have been used before, the polymer handle is always brand new.)

Confused about hook sizes? See this chart for more information.

Susan Bates D-K Crochet Hook Set in Various Triangles
with no thumb rest
Price: $120.00

In stock: 1

Susan Bates I Crochet Hook in LimitedEdition Triangles
with no thumb rest
Price: $18.00

In stock: 1

Customer Feedback

  • I love my polymer-handled crochet hook. I am very particular about which hooks I use and how the handle is shaped, and Lisa took all of my specifications to heart to make me a hook that is not only beautiful, but just as superbly functional as the plain kind I usually use. I love using it, and when teaching classes, I never have to wonder which hook is mine! --Linda Permann, Author of Crochet Adorned, and Little Crochet
  • I mainly bought these because they were pretty, even though I've had other nice-looking hooks that have ended up sitting in their cases while I went back to using my plain old Susan Bates ones. These turned out to be not only pretty, but also really great to work with. I love that there was an option for a flattened thumb rest (something often missing from decorative hooks), and I was able to choose my favorite brand for the actual hook. Definitely very happy with the whole set. --Tina M.
  • I bought my first hooks from Polka Dot Cottage recently and I will be back for more! They are funky, colourful and oh so comfortable to use. I have wrist and hand problems and found working with these hooks is just a dream. And you get to chose your own colours/designs! Lisa was a pleasure to deal with and really lovely. The whole experience was wonderful - and my hooks are fabulous! --Bonnie
  • I am thrilled about my hooks! Not only are they pretty and functional, even the packing was very proffessional. My daughter now wants to learn to make with polymer clay. She was amazed with them, just as I am! These are great hooks and even better handles! Thank you, Lisa, for these wonderful hooks! I am blind and Lisa was very gracious to work with me so I could identify my hooks from each other. Lisa is a very talented artist and a great person to work with! -- Mel
  • I ordered three of the polymer covered hooks and I have to say they are my absolute favorite. I will NOT crochet with anything else now. Once the Fall custom orders are open I'm going to be placing an order for the rest of the sizes. They feel so good in your hand. Lisa puts a little thumb indent (unlike a lot of the other polymer hooks I've seen) and it makes quite a difference. It's so comfortable that I don't have to ever worry about my hand or fingers cramping up. AND, of course, they're just gorgeous to look at. Beautiful designs, beautiful style. Thanks Lisa! -- Yvonne
  • I got two of your hooks for Christmas and love, love, love them! They feel so good in the hand and are a pleasure to work with. -- Kat
  • I received a set of crochet hooks as a Christmas present. They were all in retro patterns and so pretty. The finish on the hooks was really, really smooth. I love working with them. -- Beth Ackley
  • Your crochet hooks are the most comfortable I have found for keeping your hand relaxed. I ordered ones with a flattened place for the thumb, which are perfect and fit snuggly between thumb and fingers. They are hard-wearing and, of course, their prettiness is a bonus. Well done. -- Adele
  • I got my three hooks earlier this spring and I absolutely love the way they feel in my hands when I'm working. They are pretty and colorful and just plain fun to work with. I'll for sure be ordering more in the sizes I use most often! -- Kay Amhaus
Do you already own one of my hooks? I'd love to share your feedback here. Leave it here, if you like. Thanks!