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Copper and Pearls

Last year, I made myself a few pairs of these earrings, and I have worn them pretty much constantly ever since. I recently lost my most beloved pair, and when I sat down to make a replacement, I thought, "why not make some for Polka Dot Cottage, too?"

The hammered rosey pink and black findings are pure unpolished copper and are handmade (although not by me). I love these rustic components! The freshwater coin pearls add a touch of class.

I don't plan to offer a custom service at this time. The full available ready-to-ship inventory is listed below.

(Please don't be alarmed by any images of me wearing the earrings. Those pictures were all taken with my own personal pairs. The earrings I ship to you will be brand new and unworn.)

Retail Price: $15 per pair / Online Price: $12 per pair, or 3 for $30

Ready-to-ship Copper and Pearl Earrings

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