Mix and Match Pillows

Mix and Match Pillows, a sewing tutorial from Polka Dot Cottage

A Mini-Makeover for your Favorite Room

My family is room is a comfortable spot where we all gather and spend our evenings. The carpet is beige, the couch is beige, all of the throw pillows were some mismatched relative of beige. Aside from the light yellow-green walls, the entire room was essentially one big neutral. I set out to fix that recently with some accessories: a new colorful ceramic lamp, a few crocheted table toppers, and new covers for all of those uninspiring pillows.

If you would like to breathe new life into one of your spaces, or even if you’d just like to cover one little pillow, this project will show you how.  These simple covers are removable and washable, and don’t require the use of zippers or buttons.

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Required Skills

The project is great for beginners!  If you can sew a straight line, then you can do this!

Tools and Materials

  • light-to-medium weight fabric in a variety of patterns
  • basic fabric-measuring-and-cutting supplies
  • sewing machine
  • thread to coordinate with fabric
  • iron
  • pins
  • old throw pillows, or new pillow forms

Topics Covered

More than just a simple sewing pattern, this ebook is like a mini-class. Each topic includes step-by-step instructions and photos where appropriate.

You will learn:

  • How to estimate the proper amount of yardage
  • How to distribute the various fabrics to make a cohesive group of pillows
  • How to construct a removable pillowcase without zippers or buttons


  • How to choose effective colors and fabrics
  • How to vary the look with simple changes
  • Resources to help you learn more

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Mix and Match Pillows
Mix and Match Pillows

BEGINNER level, step-by-step sewing tutorial.

Fully illustrated, 8-page PDF.

Price: $2.99
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