The Afghan Cane

The Afghan Cane polymer clay tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage The Afghan Cane polymer clay tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage

A Granny Square Blanket in Polymer Clay

The Afghan Cane consists of sixteen polymer clay “granny squares” assembled in a grid, much like a crocheted afghan would be.  Unlike the crocheted version, though, we don’t have to create sixteen individual granny squares to make a colorful blanket.  Through the magic of polymer color blends, we can generate a multitude of differently-colored squares with a single cane!

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The Afghan Cane polymer clay tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage

Required Skills

The project is geared towards those with some experience in the millefiori technique.  If you have these skills:

  • Skinner Blend
  • Assembling Canes
  • Reducing Canes

then you can do this.

Tools and Materials

You will need one package each of three main colors. I used Sculpey III in :

  • Turquoise
  • Lime
  • Violet

Feel free to substitute your own favorite colors. Try to choose fairly vibrant colors, as all of the color-mixing we will be doing will tone them down somewhat.
You will also need a package of White and a package of Black.

  • Work surface, such as a marble tile, ceramic tile, or plexiglass.
  • Pasta machine
  • Clay blade
  • 1.75-inch square cutter (optional)
  • Clay extruder (optional)

Topics Covered

  • Preparing the blends
  • Making the cane components
  • Building the cane
  • Reducing and re-assembling the cane


  • How to choose appropriate colors
  • Granny square anatomy
  • The theory behind this unconventional use of a Skinner blend
  • Variations
  • Resources to help you learn more

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The Afghan Cane
The Afghan Cane

MOTIVATED BEGINNER level, step-by-step polymer clay tutorial
Fully-illustrated, 16-page PDF

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