Neutral Squares Blanket

Neutral Squares Blanket crochet pattern at Polka Dot CottageNeutral Squares Blanket crochet pattern at Polka Dot Cottage
A Simple and Tasteful Crochet Throw

As crocheters, we are drawn to a project when it has aspects that will keep us interested in the work: color! design! variety! And yet, we all have loved ones who eschew those very things. How do we reconcile their tastes with our desire to crochet them something special?

My own husband, when I told him I wanted to make him a blanket, responded with “ok, but only if it’s all one color.” He knew full well I would sooner make him nothing at all, then spend a few months crocheting with a single, lonely color. Oh! It bores me just to think about it!

But I didn’t give up on him. In fact, what he said gave me an idea. If I kept the components simple, and I made them all in different shades of the same color, that wouldn’t be too flamboyant for him, and it would keep me interested in the project at the same time. And so the Neutral Squares Blanket was born.

There’s no reason why you need to stick to browns here. Blues would still result in a simple, soothing design. Or grays. Or really any favorite color. If you have a more adventurous recipient in mind, by all means, use a variety of bright colors. If I make another, I’m considering a beach theme: 3 sandy colors, 3 blues, and 3 aquas.

Format :
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Neutral Squares Blanket crochet pattern at Polka Dot Cottage

Required Skills

The project is great for beginners!  If you can:

  • make a slip knot
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • double-crochet stitch

then you can do this.

Tools and Materials

This lap blanket measures 42”x51” and consists of fifteen rows of twelve squares.

  • Roughly 3000 yards of Berroco Vintage (or other worsted weight washable wool blend)
  • G (4mm) hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

Topics Covered

More than just a simple crochet pattern, this ebook is like a mini-class. Each topic includes step-by-step instructions and photos where appropriate.

You will learn:

  • How to make a granny square
  • How to join granny squares together as you go
  • How to add a border to your blanket


  • Choosing an alternate color scheme
  • Thoughts on how to put together the squares (use a very specific order, or randomize?)
  • A frugal variation
  • Links to resources to help you learn more

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Neutral Squares Blanket
Neutral Squares Blanket
BEGINNER level, step-by-step crochet tutorial.
Fully illustrated, 12-page PDF.

Price: $6.99
Format :

Neutral Squares Blanket - Just the Pattern!
Neutral Squares Blanket - Just the Pattern!
No tutorial, just the 4-page pattern PDF.

Price: $2.99

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