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Wineberry Crisp 2.0, now healthified

Allergen-Free Heart-Healthier Wineberry Crisp, at Polka Dot Cottage

This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, low-sodium, and (even after all of that) really quite good. You can use raspberries if you can’t get wineberries.

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Top o’ the Mornin’ Muffins

Green Tea Banana Muffins, at Polka Dot Cottage

Green muffins for St. Patrick’s Day, and not a drop of food coloring in sight. These suckers are super healthy.

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Green smoothies, again

Make-Ahead Green Smoothie recipe at Polka Dot Cottage

I’ve been drinking green smoothies for the last few weeks, and I don’t hate them. In fact, I really like them. I’m a convert! Check out my recipe.

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Low-Salt, Low-Fat, Heart Healthy Freebies

Five (more) Low-Salt, Low-Fat, Heart-Healthy recipes from Polka Dot Cottage

Psst! Would you like a free downloadable cookbook with 5 heart-healthy recipes inside? Here, take two! They’re small :-)

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Punch Pops

30 punch pops 02

Neil and the boys got me a few fun things for Christmas: The book and ice pop molds were on my wish list, but still, they’ll never convince me that they weren’t selfishly-motivated with these purchases. It reminds me of the year I got Neil an answering machine because I wanted one. Or the year […]

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Pumpkin (or Banana Maple) Muffins

296/365 October 22

I just put a batch of hooks in the oven to cure, and I figured I would take this opportunity to share with you something else I recently put in the oven that is not polymer clay, but actual honest-to-goodness edible food. This time of year, there is always a little bit of buzz in […]

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And Many More: a heart-healthy birthday cake

17 cupcakes 02

Today is Neil’s birthday. After the summer he’s had, I wanted to do it up big for his birthday. I think I’m pretty good at providing a festive atmosphere and well-loved gifts for the boys’ birthdays, but Neil’s birthday has never really been as successful for me. Maybe it’s because we don’t usually have a […]

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Watermelon Cucumber Slushies

209/365 July 27

One of the things that was waiting for me upon our return from the Boston area last Thursday was a book I had requested from the library: People’s Pops: 55 Recipes for Ice Pops, Shave Ice, and Boozy Pops from Brooklyn’s Coolest Pop Shop Nearly all of the recipes in this book follow a formula: fresh […]

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Chicken and Pasta in Ginger Sauce

all gone

I’ve been in such a cooking rut lately. Once upon a time, I used to make actual meals that did not involve defrosting frozen stuff. I recently decided to blame my poor kitchen performance on the state of my recipe collection. It may not really be the reason, but it was there and I needed […]

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Spaghetti Dogs

01 dogs 4

I first saw this on Pinterest with no source given.  I found it repulsive in a can’t-avert-my-eyes kind of way, and so I google image searched my way to the original.  I showed it to the one person in this house (other than me) who likes both pasta and hot dogs, and he was all […]

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