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Sheep and Fiber

At the NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival

I spent today wandering around the NJ Sheep and Fiber festival, snapping pictures, eating ice cream, touching yarn…

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Jump! in Ocean Grove, NJ at Polka Dot Cottage

Just when I thought there were no new things to photograph on the beach, an empty lifeguard chair proved me wrong.

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Rhinebeck Weekend

Rhinebeck weekend, at Polka Dot Cottage

My son and I spent the weekend in New York State, enjoying the Autumn weather and the Sheep and Wool Festival.

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Craftsy has photography classes now

Go back to school!

I fought the law and the law won. So I went home and drowned my feelings of airheadedness in a Craftsy photography class :-)

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We celebrated Neil’s birthday at Ocean Grove and Asbury Park this year. It was fun, and eating out saved me from having to bake cupcakes ;-)

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Night Tripping

Ocean Grove day trip, at Polka Dot Cottage

We took one of our nighttime day trips down the shore last week. The boardwalk in Ocean Grove is still missing, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.

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Lisa Takes the Easy Way Out

Weekending at Polka Dot Cottage

In which I say I’m not going to write much, but then I write a book anyway: traveling with older kids presents a different set of challenges than traveling with littles.

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BOG and Mom’s Excellent Adventure

BOG and Mom's Excellent Adventure: Princeton

My son’s brainchild: summer adventures together, just me and him. Our first stop was in Princeton, NJ a few weeks ago.

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Ocean City, season 7

17 oc 02

Our seventh annual trip to Ocean City was cold, rainy, and really great (as always). We saw dunes being rebuilt, carpet being laid, and we danced on the boardwalk in our pajamas. Good times.

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If I lived at the beach

103/365: Apr 13 - Ocean Grove boardwalk under construction

If I lived at the beach in the summer, I would want to live in a little house in the middle of town. It would be close enough to the beach that I could hear the waves crashing and smell the ocean through my open window at night. And it would be within walking distance […]

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