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Summer in Winter

2015 31/365

You realize just how worth-the-effort it is to squirrel away summer fruit, when you are breathing in the smell of a June farmer’s market on the last day of January.

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Watching water boil

BW 25/30

My tea kettle sprung a leak, and now I am dithering over how to replace it. Help, please?

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I hate spending money on boring necessities, so I performed a little surgery on a messed-up pitcher today instead of replacing it with a new one.

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Thinking outside of the lawn

C+N's Birthday

A few years ago, while ordering business cards and signage for his Clarkesworld booth before a science fiction convention, Neil had the idea to put one of his posters on a lawn sign. He had no intention of displaying it on the front lawn. Rather, the rigid design made it perfect for propping up in […]

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Our unique lawn ornament

26 tree 01

I am the queen of procrastination, so you should be impressed that It only took ten months to get the toppled tree off of the front lawn…

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Saturday in June

Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522

I visited the farm, made some delicious ice pops, and took about a million photos of the process (because cooking is so much more fun when there’s a camera in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other).

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My space

Family Room with handmade and personal touches, from @lclarke522

I bought a print from an old high school friend, and she featured my family room on her design blog. Fun was had by all. And also, briefly mentioned: the shore and me being at it.

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Last night it snowed. Today it yarned.

09 yarn 01

So the snow storm came last night, but didn’t treat us too badly here in our little corner of New Jersey. I’d say we didn’t get any more than 10 inches. And I didn’t hear much in the way of wind, either. Whew. You know how I feel about wind. Still, even though we were […]

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I need to step up my game

31 clarkesworld 01

For so many years our family room kind of languished in beige-land, but now that we’ve finally started paying more attention to decorating it, I’m noticing something: the Clarkesworld propaganda is multiplying. Sure, Neil, go ahead and put up a couple of posters, I said. Little did I know at the time, Vistaprint was being […]

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Family Room Makeover

210/365 July 28

With Neil spending a lot of this summer home on sick leave, we’ve been congregating in the family room more than usual. It’s made us want to tackle small projects to make the space more inviting. I dug up this photo from 2011, but really, this is what the room has looked like most days. […]

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