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Shared Family Summertime Delusion

Shared Family Summer Delusion, at Polka Dot Cottage

Wherein we, desperate for some summer beach time, create a bit of our own. In the snow.

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Wintry mix

Snow Day, a new playlist from Polka Dot Cottage

I found a few things to love about winter today.

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Picture this

23 laptop 02

This weekend I busted my laptop and did a lot of knitting. Here’s a little update on both.

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The first half of January, and following me on Facebook

Winter 1/31 - New beginnings

Want to see my 365 photos for the first half of January? Also, want to know why you never see Polka Dot Cottage posts in your Facebook feed (and how to solve the problem)? Read on!

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Beach planets

Beach Planets, at Polka Dot Cottage

I turned last year’s vacation photos into my own personal funky beach planets. Check them out!

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New year, new photo project!

Polka Dot Cottage photo-a-day project for JANUARY: Winter

This year my 365 Project is going to involve a different theme every month. Would you like to join me for January? The theme is “winter.” Read on!

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Remember me?


I feel like I haven’t been here in forEVER. The days have been so full. At first, they were full of people to see and places to go. But lately, they’ve been full of a welcome lack of those things. In fact, right now I am enjoying just sitting still by the lit-up Christmas tree, […]

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More December Merriment

Day 12 - All is calm

More images from Picture the Holidays and my Merriment Experiment. ‘Tis the season to post more photos than words…

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December merriment


Lots of pictures, and a few words, too: updates on my current photo projects.

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Picture the Holidays

Christmas 2011

I’m doing a photo-a-day project in December. Maybe you’d like to do it, too? Get the details here.

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