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Rhinebeck #3

Fall 18/31

My son and I had quintessentially autumnal weekend away recently, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

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A little send-off

Emptying out the van

It’s the end of an era, here at Polka Dot Cottage, as we bid farewell to a true fixture around these parts: my van.

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Spring 18/30 - White

I’ve missed you while I’ve been doing things that are not blogging.

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10 snow 03

It snowed yesterday.

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Making merry

Fireworks at the tree lighting

Photo-a-day prompts, and merrymaking activities. This is the stuff of December this year.

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All manner of busy-ness

07 lunch

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider this an 8,000-word essay on How I’ve Spent My Time Lately.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon, at Polka Dot Cottage

Some days it’s all about appreciating the little things.

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Best-laid plans…

106/365: Apr 16 - Thwacked in the face w/ a thorn bush

Allow me to introduce to you our family’s poster boy for Crazy Things Happening: This is Neil. You may remember him from last July’s heart attack or the kidney stone two weeks later. Perhaps you know him from the broken wisdom tooth I probably never told you about in October, or the defibrillator surgery in […]

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Quotes from the past

doing the taxes

Last year at this time, in the context of doing taxes and spending nearly an entire week populating all of the months of 2011 in my financial spreadsheet, I said this: The good news is that I have been keeping the 2012 financial spreadsheet up to date since January, so there will be none of […]

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There is no meat in this post

99/365: Apr 9 - Finally feels like spring around here

I think you’ll agree that my last few posts have been super meaty. Today, I could use a break from all of that thinking. And writing. So, I’m enjoying the arrival of spring (at last!) here in New Jersey. I have to admit seeing how utterly green Oregon was last week made me a little […]

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