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TWiP: Food, Drink, and the Atlantic Ocean

This Week in Pictures, Week 20, 2018

We spent the first few days of this week in Ocean City. It was lovely and too short. As usual. Someday I want to go for a whole week. That would be amazing. Also (and this has nothing to do with the images) would you like to help me come up with songs for a new playlist? Read on for details.

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Music, music, everywhere!

Polka Dot Radio: 90's Mix Tape

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around with my music collection lately, and the result is three new playlists! One with new music for spring, another volume of Coffee and Keyboard for those times you need some wordless music for working, and a collection of music from the 1990’s – it’s a diverse group, so hopefully you will find something fun to listen to!

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The Cogwheel Cardigan for Baby

Cogwheel Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Yoke close-up

There’s a new knitting pattern at Polka Dot Cottage: a quick, easy, beginner-friendly baby sweater! The Cogwheel Cardigan features simple stripes with little protruding “cogs” that are simple enough for a colorwork novice to achieve.

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TWiP: Desks

This Week in Pictures, Week 15, 2018

Ever since I cleaned off my desk at home, I’ve been enjoying taking pictures of it. And this week my desk at work moved to a new spot, so of course, there must be photos of that, too. I spend a lot of time at one desk or another. It’s entirely possible I do too much sitting. Maybe next week’s mosaic should feature some exercise…

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