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Free Pattern: Crochet Mason Jar Cozies

I’ve been kind of obsessed with this color scheme lately. It started with the paper bunting, and moved on to this mandala and then that mandala, and a few days ago I turned it into a polymer clay cane.

Totally obsessed.

So, naturally the next step was to make a mason jar cozy. Or two. That pattern is simple enough, that I’m going to share it here.


I used the cheapest craft store cotton I could get my hands on. I love that inexpensive stuff for this kind of thing. I have a little tub of it in various brands, and it makes it so easy to just dive in and make something whenever the urge hits. I have trouble justifying some of my other yarn stashes, but the cheap cotton yarn stash? That one’s a keeper.

A – Reddish Orange: Premier Home Cotton in Orange (#06)
B – Yellowy Green: Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Kiwi (#170)
C – Pale Aqua: Peaches & Creme in Baby Green (#54)
D – Off White: Premier Home Cotton in Cream (#02)

The Baby Green (Color C) is no longer available. I bought it in a cone via eBay 3 years ago, and I am so in love with this color! I will probably cry when it is gone. An acceptable substitute would be Premier Home Cotton in Pastel Blue (#13)


For the 16-oz cozy, I had a stitch gauge of 4 hdc / inch. For the 8-oz cozy, I had a stitch gauge of 3 dc / inch. In both cases I used an I-9/5mm hook.

If you have a different gauge, change hook sizes (If you get more sts/inch, try a larger hook. If you get fewer sts/inch, try a smaller hook.)

Pattern Notes

For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to leave out a few details in the pattern steps, but I’ll mention them here so that you know. I hope this won’t be too confusing for beginners, but if it is, please let me know!

  • The first stitch of every dc or hdc round is actually a set of chains, the purpose of which is to get your hook into the correct position. So, if the round calls for 12 dc, you would actually ch 3 for the first dc, and then do 11 dc after that. (ch2 for hdc rounds).
  • Every round ends with a slip stitch into the top stitch of that round’s starting chain.
  • When a new color is announced, fasten off the previous color, and secure the new color to the work with a slip stitch.
  • When you reach the end of the pattern, weave in the ends and block if it you like. I didn’t bother with blocking. The first time I used the cozies in action, that was enough to block them to the dimensions I wanted.


The cozies come in two sizes: one for a 16-oz jar (which is my favorite for drinking), and one for an 8-oz jar (which I like to use to hold pens on my desk).

16 oz cozy

Color A
Round 1: Make a magic loop. 12dc into the loop.
Round 2: [dc, ch1 in next dc] around

Color B
Round 3: [2dc ch1 in ch1 sp] around

Color C
Round 4: 3dc in ch1 sp around

Color D
Rounds 5-8: hdc around *

Color A
Round 9: sc around

Color D
Round 10: hdc around *

Color C
Round 11: sc around

* I think my 16-oz cozy isn’t tall enough. If I do it again, I will add an extra Color D round after Round 8, and probably another Color D round after Round 10 as well.

8 oz cozy

Color A
Round 1: Make a magic loop. 12dc into the loop.
Round 2: [dc, ch1 in next dc] around

Color B
Round 3: [2dc in ch1 sp] around

Color C
Round 4: dc around

Color D
Rounds 5-7: dc around

Color A
Round 8: sc around

Color B
Round 9: sc around

Those Colors!

I have to come back to those colors… I’m seriously considering making them into my next polymer clay color scheme for the Handmades Shop. But if I do that, I’m going to need to give the color family a name. I generally prefer one-word names, but I’ll use two words if they’re perfect. Any suggestions?

Oh, and happy crocheting!

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  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing these cozy patterns. They are fun to make, use and share. You are so generous to do this. Happy 4th. God bless America!!

    1. It’s my pleasure! Happy Fourth to you!

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