Crocheted Coffee Pot Cozy

I don’t make coffee much at home because my sweetie gags at the smell of it. But last week, I had to work from home because of a snow storm, and I just really wanted my usual couple of cups of “work coffee.”
So, rather than make the poor guy put up with multiple brewings, I decided I could brew one big batch and make it last all morning, even if that meant my last cup would not really be hot. My sister had given me a Melitta pour over set for Christmas, which would allow me to make a bigger batch than my usual trusty Hario ceramic cone, so I gave it a try.

In an effort to make my coffee stay warmer longer, I crocheted the new pot a cozy. Isn’t it cute?

I used a random ball of cheap cotton and a K hook, and I adapted my Mason Jar Cozy pattern as follows:
I crocheted a 9-round base (instead of 4) and then worked up the sides straight, trying it on the pot every few rounds.

9 rounds may have been a bit too loose (and the pot sides do taper, too), so every couple of rounds, I decreased by 4 sts. I did this 3 times total. Any more than that, and I’d risk the opening being too small for the base of the pot.

I threaded a piece of yarn through the top round and tied it snugly in a bow, to make sure that sucker stayed put.

Did it keep my coffee warmer than a naked pot would have? I don’t really know. I didn’t have a naked pot to compare it to 😉

I’m happy with it, though. It was just a single night’s work, with cotton from my stash, and it looks cute. Can’t ask for much better than that!

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