Quiet Time again

Quiet Time 3 - a new playlist at Polka Dot Cottage
I unleashed a third Quiet Time playlist on the world (or, at least, my own little corner of the world) last night. This one has been brewing since the last one was finished. It’s what I do: as I get tired of the songs I start replacing them one by one until I have a whole new mix.

I suspect this is my last one for a while. Three really feels like plenty, and I’m running out of songs, too, that give me the very specific feeling I want these playlists to evoke. It’ll take me some time to collect enough other tunes.

So, here it is. If you want to listen to it as you’re falling asleep, like I do, you can listen through the 8tracks phone app and set the app’s sleep timer to 60 minutes. All of my Quiet Time playlists are roughly an hour, so it works nicely. The app turns itself off just as the playlist is wrapping up. (If you don’t set the sleep timer, 8tracks chooses another playlist for you to listen to when mine is over and just keeps going).

Quiet Time 3 from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

Happy Listening!

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