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Saturday in June

Posted June 2nd, 2013 by

Hillview Farms, Meyersville, NJRhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522 Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522

The farm is open. That means fresh local strawberries and rhubarb aplenty.  I don’t always know what I am going to make with them, but yesterday I did: Rhubarb + Strawberry Ice Pops a la the People’s Pops cookbook that I got for Christmas. The book is organized by season, starting with spring, so I’ve been biding my time since December, waiting until I could use in-season ingredients.

When I take on a Saturday afternoon kitchen project at this time of year, it always comes with certain requirements before it feels “right.” These include: an apron, an open window, some old-fashioned music. I am not someone who loves working in the kitchen, as a rule, and so I take advantage of it when the desire to whip up a little something strikes. And when one of these desires lines up with a warm, sunny day and a great musical playlist, well, it can be downright blissful.

I made a simple syrup, including extra for two future batches of ice pops. Then I cooked up the rhubarb, pureed the strawberries, mixed the fruit with the syrup, poured the mixture into molds, and put the pops in the freezer.

Once I cleaned up the sugary mess in the sink, I pretty much plopped down on the couch and enjoyed the laziest Saturday afternoon ever. It’s so nice to lay around and play brainy games sometimes.

The ice pops were ready after supper when we returned from our walk around the block. And they were quite good. We all enjoyed them.

I so love the onset of summer. I think I need to go strawberry picking this year.


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