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Best-laid plans…

Posted April 17th, 2013 by

Allow me to introduce to you our family’s poster boy for Crazy Things Happening:

106/365: Apr 16 - Thwacked in the face w/ a thorn bush

This is Neil. You may remember him from last July’s heart attack or the kidney stone two weeks later. Perhaps you know him from the broken wisdom tooth I probably never told you about in October, or the defibrillator surgery in January. Well, for those keeping track, we’d like to add “thwacked in the face with a thorned wineberry bush” to the list.

We drove all over northern New Jersey yesterday in search of an eye specialist who wouldn’t flinch at the idea of removing five tiny thorns from Neil’s eye, and we found one (yay!). That was an all-day affair, pretty much, and for the rest of the week we can expect more travel as we need to keep an eye on the eye (so to speak). When dealing with plant matter, there is a risk of fungal infection so they want to stay well on top of it.

101/365: Apr 11 - Chair's eye view of my work table

All of this driving around comes at the expense of the items on my work table, I’m afraid, so if you are waiting for something from me, I do apologize, but it might be a week longer than expected. I’m doing my best to work later into the evening than usual, though, so I hope not to get too far behind.

This coming weekend I have a gig as Guest Artist with the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild. I was counting on this time to get my act together before then, so you can imagine I am a smidge stressed-out about the intrusion into my best-laid plans. I’m sure it will all work out, as it always does, but it would be nice if I felt confident in my preparedness! I’ve got a few more days to think about it, so hopefully I will be able to get my comfort level where I would like it to be.

I’m knocking this post out in the half hour between dropping one kid off at school, and the other kid off at the other school, and then I’ll pretty much have to ignore the ol’ blog for a few days. I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal. (As is, I’d imagine, poor Neil!)

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