Fun with chalk

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59/365: Feb 28 - Fun with chalk pastels

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I had a little good, clean (messy) fun today.

It started on Twitter, as all good things do, when Stacey said this:

And, well, I didn’t know it existed either, and I just couldn’t have that, so off to Google I went.

I found this article, which explained the process, and since I was just about to hop in the shower anyway, I decided to try it. It’s quite simple, if you are not too fussy about it. I just rubbed the chalk over a few strands of wet hair, and that was that.

Remember when I dyed my hair green? It didn’t take me long to regret that move. It’s nice to use chalk. It doesn’t take long to do, and it washes right out. Zero commitment.

It’s possible I may be too old for this, but think I may try some other colors anyway. If I can wear pigtails at 41, then I can put colorful streaks in my hair, too. Pfth.

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