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Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. We have been without power since Monday night, and are being told it could take another 7-10 days. I have been able to access the internet now and then, thanks to my neighbors and their generator, but my electronics are beginning to lose power. Town Hall has set up a charging station, which I have already taken advantage of for my cell phone, but it’s not really ideal to wander over there and plug in everything I own…

The bottom line is we have lost several trees, but none of them hit the house (or the accident-prone van, believe it or not), we have no power, phone, or heat, but we are all fine. And glad to have a fireplace to gather around.

I’ll be back soon.

I hope that you and yours have been spared. The few photos I have seen of the Jersey shore areas are, frankly, heartbreaking. And seeing so many beautiful old trees uprooted around here is sad as well. The silver lining for me is that I won’t be so freaked-out when the next storm comes along – we have no more majestic oaks left to crash into us!

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