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It’s coming

Posted October 28th, 2012 by

Hurricane Sandy, I mean. And while we have been super lucky in the past, who knows if we will have power this time tomorrow? If I take a while to respond to email over the next week, you can assume we are without electricity.

We’ve stocked up on firewood, dragged much of our outdoor furniture into the garage, lifted things off of the basement floor, and filtered a few pitchers of water, just in case. I’ve been around the yard taking a small bunch of “before” pictures, which I very much hope will look remarkably like the “after” pictures in a few days…

I bought a nifty hand-crank weather radio, and a few mini tripod flashlights to go with the full-size one we already own and love. I’ve spent the last few days recharging every AA battery in this house, and Eamonn has already requested hand-crank duty for the radio.

Last week I ordered some new yarn, and today I ran to the yarn shop for a few circular needles I didn’t have. If we are going to spend the next three days hanging out in the family room without a TV to watch or an Internet to surf, I am going to at least keep myself happy with some new super-secret Christmas knitting.

For those of you who are also in the path of Sandy, especially those of you in New Jersey like me, I’ve got a few resources to pass along:

When Hurricane Irene came around last year, I was drawn primarily to Twitter. I liked reading about the progress of the hurricane from the normal, everyday people right there on the ground, as opposed to the weather guys on TV. As long as I have internet access these next few days, I’ll be keeping an eye on the #njsandy hashtag on Twitter.

Also on Twitter, I’ve created a list of people who are storm-tweeting in an official capacity (or who I noticed had very helpful tweets during Hurricane Irene). This includes national, state (NJ), county (Morris), and town (Long Hill) twitter streams. You can follow the list (as opposed to following each person individually) to get all of the news.

I noticed the Governor has also compiled a Twitter list, if you want to check that one out, too.

And, lastly, I like Google’s Crisis Map for a more visual approach.

Stay safe, everybody!

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