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I’ve been watching all of you lucky iPhone users play with Instagram for almost a year. I don’t have a smartphone (I’ve got the cheapest low-frills cell phone and plan on the planet), but Neil got me an Android tablet for my 40th birthday last year, and ever since then, I’ve been playing with photo apps, trying to find something that would have all of the fun effects of Instagram, as well as the sociability of it.

Last night I saw Instagram in the Android Market. I did a little jig, because last I’d heard, the Android version didn’t work on tablets, and yet there it was.

Today, I have been Instagramming my little heart out.

I ran around town a lot today :-)

I don’t plan to take this many pictures every day.  It’s the novelty that drove me today.  Besides, my tablet is wi-fi only, so I can’t exactly do this in real time unless there is a free wi-fi connection wherever I happen to be.  (As far as I’m concerned, there are not nearly enough free wi-fi connections in the world…)

My thoughts so far? The Android version seems to be lacking some of the things I’ve seen on iPhone photos. The effects are not as amazing as I was expecting. In fact, if the effects were the only consideration, I’d recommend Vignette over Instagram any day.  Retro Camera, Little Photo, and Pixlr-o-matic are also fun, but Vignette is probably my favorite, effect-wise.

The thing is, it’s hard to beat the social aspect of Instagram, and so many of friends and contacts are already on it.  I think I’ll be playing with this one a lot, and hoping for more features to be released for Android.

You can follow me on Instagram, if you like.  I’m lclarke522 over there.  (If there is some way to link to my account, I would love to know – their website is very minimalist, and it may not even be possible – it appears everything is done through the app.)

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