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Down and dirty

Posted April 23rd, 2011 by

Dirt under my fingernails, smeared onto my apron, deposited on my camera’s shutter button…

Spring day 23 - Project minded

I transplanted the strawberry plants today.  I got them, oh, about a month ago.  I had put them temporarily in a plastic Chinese food container while I searched for a strawberry pot.

I found a pot pretty quickly, but then I chickened-out on the planting.

Planting the strawberries

I’ve never planted a single fruit or vegetable in my life.  I planted flower seeds once about sixteen years ago, but they never came up. It was a lot of wasted effort and a big disappointment.

A gardener, I am not.

Planting the strawberries

But I am so excited for strawberry season to start, and I want to be a part of it.  So strawberry plants, it is.

I know that I can’t expect to get much of a harvest from a pile of plants in a plastic container with no dirt, so I put on my big girl panties today and got to work transplanting.

365 day 113 - Grow, little strawberry, grow!

I’m feeling optimistic about these plants.  If they could sprout a blossom while waiting patiently for me to pot them, then how much better will they thrive now that they are safely in the soil?

Grow, little strawberry, grow!

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