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Tie dye day

Posted October 9th, 2010 by

Our new shirts

It was Tie Dye Day at the kids’ school on Friday, and I thought they could use some new threads.  Their only other tie dye was t-shirts we made together four years ago (we made them big and they still fit!)  Not to be left out of the fun, I made one for myself, too.

Thursday morning, we all picked our own colors (fiber-reactive procion dyes from my Dharma stash):

  • Aidan: China Red + Avocado
  • Eamonn: Chartreuse + Cayman Isle Green + Royal Blue
  • Me: Chartreuse + Cayman Isle Green + Dark Brown

Tying the shirts

Dying son #2's shirt

And while the kids were at school, I did the tying, and then the dying.

I let them soak until the kids got home, at which point Aidan and I removed the rubber bands and sent them through the wash.

Son #2

Son #1's shirt My shirt

I love the way they came out – so vibrant!  I tried to repeat the same pattern on all three shirts – I just love the look of those bullseyes.

Where did these heads come from?

Me & son #1 in our new shirts Son #2 in his new shirt

The only problem with tie dye, is that after you’ve had a successful batch, you want to dye everything in sight.  Anyone in this house that likes solid colors (read: Neil) had better lock up his wardrobe…

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