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Friday Photo Love – Picture Fall, week 1

Posted October 8th, 2010 by

Before I get started, I just want to thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post – I would love to respond to them individually, but I don’t want to confuse the running of the contest by mixing my own comments in there.  So, I’m staying silent, but I am reading every word!  Oh, and I should clear up, it hasn’t been ten months since I played with polymer, it’s just been ten months since I made a cane.  I had some summer fun with photo transfers, if you recall…

Ok, on with this week’s Friday Photo Love!  I’ve decided that rather than let photography take over this blog completely, I am going to merge FPL and Picture Fall for the month of October.  I’ll get back to posting Flickr mosaics in November, but for the next few weeks, Friday will only have photos that I took, in response to the PF prompts.  Here’s this week’s batch:

346/365 + Picture Fall Day 2: Get Comfy

Day 2: Get Comfy

Picture Fall Day 3: The Beauty Challenge

Day 3: The Beauty Challenge

348/365 + Picture Summer Day 4: Morning Light

Day 4: Morning Light

Picture Fall Day 5: Little Reminders

Day 5: Little Reminders

Picture Fall Day 6: Subtleties

Day 6: Subtleties

349/365 + Picture Fall Day 7: After the Fall

Day 7: After the Fall

Picture Fall Day 8: Keeping it Simple

Day 8: Keeping it Simple

I think the typewriter has to be my favorite of all of those, with the soda bottle I took today coming in second.

I’ve been taking a lot more photos in Manual mode recently, and I’m surprised at the difference it has made.  I always thought that Program mode (basically, Auto, but with the ability to tweak white balance and other settings) took fine pictures, but I’m realizing that in some cases, taking control of exposure, aperture and ISO myself, can make a big difference.

And I love that I’m actually starting to understand what I just said ;-)

So how about you? Let’s see your Friday Photo Love!

P.S. I have some fun stuff to post about over the next few days: a tie dye project, another fingerless glove variation, and a shawl pin tutorial. Stick around!  And go enter that giveaway if you haven’t already!

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