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Damage Magnet

Posted August 25th, 2010 by

Remember the infamous Huge Tree Uproots Itself and Deposits Branch Through Van’s Back Door event from 2008?

Or how about 2009’s laugh-a-minute escapade, Distracted Driver Plows into Van’s Recently-Replaced Back Door?

Well, allow me to present, brand new for 2010, If I’d Only Parked a Few Inches to the Left, I’d Still Have a Passenger Side Window.



Ah, yes, the tradition continues.  I’ve never known a vehicle to sustain so much damage so often merely by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.



This was the scene shortly after a craaack/THUD woke me at 4:57am.  That’s a sound combination that we’ve come to easily recognize around here as the shedding of tree limbs, and is almost always followed by someone uttering the words, “I hope that didn’t hit the van.”

These van damage posts are starting to become such a predictable series that perhaps I should consider making a sidebar button for them.  Geez!

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