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Memorial Day Weekend

Posted May 30th, 2010 by

Memorial Day Weekend.  For so many families in this area, it’s a time to hop in the car and spend a few glorious days at the Jersey shore.  For us, though, it’s always a relaxing weekend at home; a chance to anticipate summer and revel in some of the simple pleasures of life.


Yesterday morning, I enjoyed my first outdoor breakfast of the season: just me, a cup of coffee, and an interesting read.

Friendly frog

Then we visited the Great Swamp and befriended a very cooperative frog, who graciously posed for me.  (I took some other pictures, here.)


It’s gotten warm, so last night we slept with the windows open, and switched out the heavy quilt for the lightweight beach blanket (don’t worry – I washed the sand out of it first!)  And can I just say, this blanket makes me ridiculously happy?  I mean, it’s crazy really, but I’ve noticed that it appears in so many of my “oh, I’m just so happy today” kind of photos.  I would probably drag that thing around with me everywhere if security blankets were socially acceptable for anyone over the age of three.

Do you know what else makes me crazy happy?  Honeysuckle.  We’ve got a potent batch this year, apparently, as I’ve caught the scent wafting in the open windows several times this weekend.  I am tempted to go outside and roll around in it.  Anyone know how to make perfume from flowers?


I tied on a Summer apron this afternoon, and baked the Blueberry Raspberry Pound Cake from Molly Wizenberg’s book, and I didn’t mind one bit that it wasn’t particularly cooperative in the end.  It still tastes fine.  (One of the benefits of having a cake that falls apart is that you get to try a little piece of it, even if it’s intended for a social function 22 hours in the future.  Who’s going to notice?)

Tomorrow we have a town parade in the morning and a family gathering in the afternoon, and somewhere in there I will probably finish that book I started over breakfast.

Really, I just love this weekend so much.  Every. single. year.  I hope you, too, are enjoying a little peace and reveling in the happy things today.

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