Peonies: a retrospective


I’ve had a blog since 2005, but I didn’t move to my own host until June 1, 2007.  My first post in my new blog home featured a picture of our one annual peony, in a cup on the kitchen shelf.  In what has become an unexpected late-May ritual, I have snapped a photo of that bloom every year…

This year, I was so happy to see that we have a second bloom on our peony plant!  In an effort to encourage even more growth next year, I decided not to cut the flower, and not to put it in a cup on my kitchen shelf.  I do miss it in there.  I miss it’s lovely scent wafting over the sink, on the breeze that comes in through the window.  Still, it’s pretty right where it is on the plant.  And I make a point of smelling it every morning after I’ve sent the kids off to school.

These are my 2007, 2008, and 2009 peonies, respectively:



The annual peony

I like to see photographic evidence that my picture-taking skills are improving, and I’d say these shots qualify!

Now, to resist cutting this year’s flower and sticking it on the windowsill in the name of consistency… think I can do it?

P.S. I just happened to notice that yesterday was the third anniversary of the day I bought my sewing machine.  And three years ago today, I made my very first project.  Buying that sewing machine is one of the best things I ever did for myself.  It’s been a fabulously crafty three years!

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4 thoughts on “Peonies: a retrospective

  1. I love this post! And yes I would say that your picture taking skills have improved. I also love taking pictures and have great ideas on what I would love to take, but my camera is holding me back. I have begun the journey of looking into different types of Digital SLR cameras. I would love your input on what you liked about each of your cameras. I have enjoyed looking at past posts you have done and will continue to read up on all that you are doing. Thanks for sharing pictures of the beauty around you. *smiles*


    • Thanks, Brenda! I think I probably have a lot I can say on this topic, but I’m getting all bleary-eyed at this time of night. I’ll try to remember to answer tomorrow, but feel free to bug me again, if I forget!

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