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Spring flowers

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So, the first week of March is nearly behind us and I feel that old familiar longing that always creeps in at this time of year.  I look around my yard, and everything is still brown and gray.  Nothing is blooming.  Winter still has a firm grip.   Shouldn’t it be receding by now?  Shouldn’t there be crocuses and tulips, and little green buds on the trees?

Blogging regularly has been such a good thing for me in so many ways, but one of my favorite side-effects is the record it leaves behind.  I can go back a year or two and see that March is always like this.  It’s always still gray, and I’m always wishing it wasn’t.

Delusions of Spring lounge pants

I can’t help being impatient for spring. It’s as much a facet of my personality as brown eyes are a facet of my face.  It’s one of the reasons why, come March, I often find myself digging through my fabric stash for energetic florals.  It’s why these lounge pants came to be last night. And it’s why when I wore them this morning, I pretended I was enjoying my morning coffee outside on the sunny and breezy patio, even though backyard breakfasts are a good two months away.

Spring will get here when it gets here.  Until then, I’ve got my pj’s and my imagination.

Delusions of Spring lounge pants

The details

Pattern: Lounge pants from Amy Butler’s In Stitches book

Modifications: Replaced drawstring with elastic. Eliminated ribbon ankle trim.

Fabric: Rose Bouquet in Ice from Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden collection

Verdict: I’ve made these once before, and I love the fit of that pair and this new one.  They’re not at all baggy in the rear-end area (can’t say the same about the pattern I used to use) and the straight-leg makes them feel stylish and classy.  I definitely have one more pair in my future – something in a different colorway, but I’m not sure what yet…

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