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Aidan’s having a Raving Rabbids birthday party next weekend, and I wanted something special to wear.

Hey, if the guys are getting t-shirts, it’s only fair that I get a new party skirt :-D


I had found the Rabbids images online, mirrored them, and printed them onto t-shirt transfer paper.  I made the skirt itself out of a white linen-cotton blend, using my favorite a-line elastic-waist pattern, and ironed-on the Rabbids around the bottom edge. (I did so before inserting the elastic, so as to avoid bunching up the fabric.)  There are twelve different Rabbids altogether, all of them cute in a deranged sort of way.


It’s funny. I’ve been entertaining ideas of making a skirt with ironed-on motifs for some time, but what I had in mind was something more involved (and feminine):  I’d wanted to dye the skirt blue on top (for sky) and green on the bottom (for grass) and then use a combination of buttons, embroidery floss and iron-on images to make a wildflower garden.


Instead I have crazy bunnies carrying oddball props.

Ah, well.  There will always be time for wildflower skirts, right?  A son only turns 10 once!  Or, as the Rabbids would say, “Bwwwaaahhh!”

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