So, look what I went and bought yesterday.


And wouldn’t you know it? I think I may just be able to wrap my brain around the concept after all. Whoa.

Ornament-making, quilt-contemplating, and now knitting (with needles!): I think it’s going to be a crafty kind of weekend.  Maybe by Monday I’ll have myself half a pair of Toasty wrist warmers.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

17 thoughts on “Sticks

    • Haha, well, I guess it just required a strong enough desire to do a fingerless mitten with a thumb 🙂 I could do one on a loom, but first I’d have to buy a tiny thumb-sized loom, and I decided learning DPNs was more acceptable than waiting 3 weeks for a made-to-order loom. Patience is not my thing!

  1. sheesh, Lisa – most people start knitting flat pieces like scarves – you jumped right in and started a circular project on dpn’s! Color me impressed. =)

    • Well, I already have two scarves that I love & that’s enough for me 🙂

      Let me just say, though, after spending the better part of two days ripping out, starting over, and watching knitting help videos, I can see why a flat panel would have been the more sane option.

    • Big, indeed! And even bigger was that I actually went to my LYS to ask for help with the thumb – I am not one for asking, usually. I’m like a stubborn toddler in that way!

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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